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Crazy Moles is a time management game where you will work trapping moles
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Crazy Moles is a time management game where you will work trapping moles.
You will play as Becky Cleaver, an animal lover that earns money by helping the city getting rid of the moles that destroy the gardens. To do so, she must reduce the space in which they move, putting nets with her vehicle. Each level has a goal. When she gets the moles in a garden, she will receive money. Once deducted the cost of the net used, the rest of the money will go to her wallet. She can invest part of that money acquiring a new phone, a plant or a new office in a better neighborhood. She will begin with three lives, and will lose lives each time a mole goes through an unfinished net. The birds will throw gifts, that will turn into extra lives if you'll manage to pick them up.

The provided download link will let you download the iWin Games Manager, that after the installation will download the game files from iWin´s server. You will need 24.4 Mb. for the files that need to be downloaded.

Crazy Moles free trial will let you play for sixty minutes. You will need to buy the game to keep playing before that.

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